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Apr 10 2017, 12:42 PM
[dohtml]<div class="sie-prof">
<div class="sie-prof-headl">Forum Profile ⋅ <a href="">Wiki Profile</a></div>
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<div class="header">Aranea Highwind</div>
<div class="sie-prof-body">
<div class="subheader">Basics</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<p><img src="" class="mainimg"></p>
<b>Name Meaning</b>: Aranea - orb-weaver spider, Highwind – a particular wind speed
<br /><b>Name Origin</b>: Highwind - a recurring surname in the Final Fantasy series associated especially with dragoons
<br /><b>Birthdate</b>: 22 september
<br /><b>Age</b>: 30
<br /><b>Gender</b>: Female
<br /><b>Sexuality</b>: Straight as a banana
<br /><b>Race</b>: Human
<br /><b>Laterality</b>: Right
<br /><b>Class</b>: Lancer
<br /><b>Weapon</b>: Stoss Spear - Lance
<br /><b>Occupation</b>: Captain of the Third Army Corps 86th Airborne Unit
<br /><b>Affiliations</b>: Niflheim
<br /><b>Titles</b>: Captain
<br /><b>Hometown</b>: Unkown
<br /><b>Home World</b>: Eos
<div class="subheader clear-image">Physical Appearance</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<div class="sie-profskin-floaty"><b>Height & Weight</b><br />
<i>Height</i>: 167 cm <br />
<i>Weight</i>: 65 kg<br />
<i>Build</i>: Slim <br /></div>
<br /><b>Skin color</b>: Pale
<br /><b>Hair color</b>: Silver blond
<br /><b>Eye color</b>: Gray
<br /><b>Clothes</b>: Dragon Mail - wears red and black armor, a white skirt and a long black cape
<br /><b>Accessories</b>: Hair ties in her ponytail, Unique looking helmet

<br /><b>General</b>: Spider ish feeling to her
<div class="subheader">Personality</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<br /><b>Traits</b>: Strong-minded, honest, royal, free-spirited, caring, mischievous, edgy
<br /><b>General</b>: Even if she loyal under the name she serves she will always keep thinking for herself
<div class="subheader">Speech</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<br /><b>General Style</b>: Doesn’t give away a lot of emotion in her speech and likes to give people little nicknames
<br /><b>Voice</b>: Croaky, toneless and mocking
<div class="subheader">Beliefs & Ideals</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<br /><b>Religion</b>: Working after hours doesn’t exist
<br /><b>General Beliefs</b>: Strong to her own beliefs in war, disagrees with immoral practice, doesn’t like working after hours
<div class="subheader">Lifestyle & Behavior</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<br /><b>General Style</b>: Easy going, motives difficult to decipher, doesn’t care a lot about her image
<br><b>Residence</b>: Unknown, where a bed is
<br /><b>Hobbies</b>: Helping out citizens, fighting deamons
<br /><b>Habits</b>: Flirting or toying in battle, taking off on her own
<div class="subheader">Abilities</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<br /><b>Skills</b>: Aerial attacks, highwind, speed attacks
<br /><b>Strengths</b>: Combat in air, hand to hand combat
<br /><b>Weaknesses</b>: Blocking and parrying her highwind attack
<div class="subheader">Family</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<div class="sie-profskin-indent">
<i>Mother</i>: —
<br /><i>Father</i>: — <p>
</div><p><b>Same Generation</b>:</p>
<div class="sie-profskin-indent">
<i>Siblings</i>: —
<br /><i>Half-Siblings</i>: —
<br /><i>Cousins</i>: — <p>
<div class="sie-profskin-indent">
<i>Children</i>: —
<br /><i>Grandchildren</i>: —
<br /><i>Nieces</i>: —
<br /><i>Nephews</i>: — <p>
<div class="subheader">History</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<b>Past Affiliations & Ranks</b>:</p>
<div class="sie-profskin-indent"><u> Third Army Corps 86th Airborne Unit</u>
<br />⋅ <i>Rank</i>: Captain
<p><b>Pre-forum history</b>: Aranea is a mercenary who was hired by Niflheim due to her unique fighting abilities. She was given rank and soldiers to see her missions through, including her two subordinates Biggs and Wedge. She is a orphan from a young age.
<p><b>History</b>: -<p>
<div class="subheader">Player info</div>
<div class="divider"></div>
<br /><b>Username</b>: NedznaLacie
<br /><b>Age</b>: 19
<br /><b>Final Fantasy Knowledge</b>: Played: FFX, FFXIII, FFXIII-2, FFXV
<br />Know lot of info but haven’t played them: FFVII, FFVII Crisis Core, FFVII Dirge of Cerburus, FFX-2, FFXIII Lightning Returns
<br /><b>Why this character</b>: She has a confident and strong personality I really like for a women character and she is damn handsome.
<br /><b>Roleplay Example</b>: <i> Ga uiteindelijk gesproken tekst in Engels doen en de rest Nederlands, maar Mim had gevraagd of ik deze zo kon laten en et was goed :> </i>
The loud sound of wind gushing in my ears.
<br />My eyes focused on the moving landscape underneath me.
<br />My cape making loud flapping noises everytime it gets caught in the wind.
On my knees I'm sitting there, frozen, at the outside of the ship.
<br />I may had the title as a boss and a captain, it didn't give me the honor to sit back and hide savely behind a metal wall. The foolish people who did thought the title implied that, we're plain foolish.
<br />I blurred the commands out and had to attent boring meetings, but with the same people who followed my commands I either fought side by side. Well, sometimes then at least, mostly I had the habit of dashing in front or go on path on my own and leave the commanding for a short while to Biggs and Wedge. Who got quite used to those bad habits of mine.
<br />As a mercernery I had my job to do, but as quickly my spare time began I dashed out to fight deamons or go help citizens in the way I was usefull. But since I began working for the Niflheim Empire, those trips became less, especially since I became known as a feared Warrior Dragoon and most people didn't dare to come close. The pay was certainly nothing to complain about as it is almost twice then what I made as a mercernery but my co-workers in that place were .. aaah.. how do I called it? Annoying? Oblivious? Half of them none human?
I turned my head to the place the sound came from.
"We're almost arriving at our destination, Ma'am!"
Just when he got ready to set off I said,"One more thing before you're dismissed" He abruptly came to a stop, made a clunky spin and looked stifly waiting for my reply.
"Please refrain from calling me Ma'am, Aranea would be okay with me, but captain is fine with me too"
"Ah! Yes Ma'a- Captain!"
I narrowed my eyes a bit at his reply. "You're dismissed"

As soon as I gave him my reply he made the other half of his clunky spin and marched away."Why are all of them so stiff? What did they do with them back there in Niflheim?"
Then my mind reminded me of our destination.
'The godforsaken meeting'
That bloody Ardyn would be there 100%, he always manage to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Everything about him turned me off, his carefree yet danger feeling hanging around him. His cheerful way of saying horrible things and of course his definition of 'fun'. He and the emperor where cooking something up that didn't promise a lot of smiles nor spare time. As much I tried to keep myself out of there bussines and just attend the meetings with an empty mind, these moments require actually more caution, for my own safety and the rest of my unit. If it comes down to it and they are stepping on territory that scream trouble I'll need to be ready to leave with hopefully most of my men and the ship. Biggs and Wedge would both gladly hop on board and celebrate their leave with some beer. The others, aaaah.. it really differs with each of them really. Well, they all should have their own opinion.
I stood up and marched my way inside, making sure we were ready for landing. With broad steps Biggs came my way."Oy! We're almost done so just get ready to leave the ship, ye think it will take long?"
<br />"Nah" I shrugged my shoulders. "It is just a 'screaming big and telling how great we are' meeting Big."
<br />"But I plan staying here for the night, so you all can get the ship for repairs and just do you're thing. Next morning we will be leaving at six."
<br />He threw is hand in the air while already making small steps back the place he came from."Alright! In that case have a splendid evening Aranea, I would tell the rest of the crew of your orders." When he finished talking he hopped through the door while making a half spin so his back faces my way again. With slow steps I make my way to the exit.
<br />I adjusted my armor a bit and checked if my lance was safely in place. I took a leap, making a jump out of the ship not even bothering to wait before it touch the ground.
"Ready to get this thing out of the way"

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